Animal Flow is a fun movement practice that compliments yoga. Clicking here takes you the site, using my affiliate link  :)

I am grateful for the opportunities to continually explore, discover, learn, question, reflect and wonder!  This is done through reflective learning, reading voraciously, attending workshops and having one-to-one sessions with experienced teachers in yoga and other movement practices.  Some of these are listed on this page.  I am also doing studies with Tiffany Cruikshank towards 500hr Yoga Medicine Certification.

Yoga workshops/ advanced teacher training:

2017: Yin Yoga with Kirsty Gallager

2017: Rocket teacher training with David Kyle

2017: Acroyoga Solar Immersion with Pascal Weis & Oliver ChaMo

2016: Inversions workshop with Jason Crandell

2016: Spine immersion module with Tiffany Cruikshank

2016: Inversions workshop with Dylan Werner

2016: Meditation training with Stephen & Martine Batchelor

2016: Rocket Inversions workshop with Marcus Veda

2016: Jivamukti inversions workshop with Petros Haffenrichter

2016: NYC: Jivamukti Centre inversions workshop with Luis Davila

2015:  Jivamukti workshop with Moritz Ulrich

2015:  Further teacher training with Melanie Cooper

2015: Shoulder opening workshop with Jean Hall

2015:  Yoga adjustment training with Harriet Bone

2015:  Yoga adjustment workshop with Tim Miller

Movement practices that enhance my yoga teaching and practice:

I am also a firm enthusiast of learning from other movement practices. I think there is a huge benefit of learning and incorporating the best of diffirent movement disciplines with a regular Yoga practice.  Listed here are some of the movement pratices I am had certification or attended workshops/ training in:

upcoming 2018: Finding Flow with Matt Mulligan 

upcoming 2018:  Functional Range Conditioning

upcoming 2017:  Zen Acrobatics with Tom Weksler

upcoming: 2017 Soma Training: Myofascial stretching with Guy Voyer

2017: ELDOA Spine - a technique for segmental stretching of the spine with Guy Voyer

2017: Functional Range Assessment certification with Mike Ranfone & Mike Chivers

2017: Soma Training: Upper Limbs with Guy Voyer

2017: Functional Range Release: Upper Limb with John Saratsiotis

2016 Bodyweight Athlete workshop with Mike Fitch

2016 Animal Flow L2 workshop with Mike Fitch

2016 Anatomy Trains in Motion certification with Karin Gurner:  New concepts in anatomy and fascia, using movement to create balance and symmetry. This deepens the understanding of fascia and its application in movement practices

2016 Animal Flow:  L1 Instructor Certification

2013 Crossfit Mobility Certification with Kelly Starrett (of MobilityWOD / Crossfit)

2012 Carl Paoli FreeStyle Connection workshop