Group Classes

Below are some upcoming group classes.

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If you have further questions or would like to arrange a private small-group or one-to-one class, please email me  yogawithsui [at] 

Mondays 7-8am @ Hot Fusion class at YogaHaven, Islington

Hot Yoga in a beautiful Carbon-Neutral studio!

Saturdays @ Crossfit London!

Saturdays 2:30pm  Power Yoga and Mobility

Crossfit London UK, 9 Malcolm Place, Bethnal Green E2 0EU, London

These one hour classes aim to build functional flexibility from a foundation of solid strength. Sui sequences classes by bringing together the benefits of mindful movement meditation and flow of Yoga and Animal Flow, combining this with latest scientific understanding of ‘anatomy trains’ meridians and fascia, getting inspiration from body-weight, calisthenics training, and Kelly Starrett’s Crossfit Mobility Certification training. The class starts with dynamic energetic flows, linking movement with breath. Focus is on sequences to improve mobility in shoulders and hips, and sequences to build core strength. Hand balancing is sometimes included to enhance the playful challenge, always optional! A variety of techniques will be used to enhance functional flexibility and mobility training, including mobility tools (eg balls, rollers or straps), proprioceptive neural facilitation (PNF) techniques and partner work. The class will close with a guided body-scan relaxation based on mindfulness techniques. This is a fun friendly class. All levels are welcomed!

Ad-hoc classes

which include classes at Gymbox

and other additional classes at YogaHaven

Bespoke one-to-one or small group classes

- please contact to arrange, email: yogawithsui[at]