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A lovely write up about my Power Yoga & Mobility class, thank you Andrew!

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Yoga at Crossfit London, was always going to be different. More effective, more challenging, better taught.

Sui , our tutor, sequences classes by bringing together the benefits of mindful movement meditation and flow of Yoga and Animal Flow, combining this with latest scientific understanding of  ‘anatomy trains’ meridians and fascia, getting inspiration from body-weight, calisthenics training, and Kelly Starrett’s Crossfit Mobility Certification training.

The class starts with dynamic energetic flows, linking movement with breath.  Focus is on sequences to improve mobility in shoulders and hips, and sequences to build core strength.  Hand balancing is sometimes included to enhance the playful challenge, always optional!   A variety of techniques will be used to enhance functional flexibility and mobility training, including mobility tools (eg balls, rollers or straps), proprioceptive neural facilitation (PNF) techniques and partner work. The class will close with a guided body-scan relaxation based on mindfulness techniques.  This is a fun friendly class.  All levels are welcomed!

This class links so many aspects of what we do at Crossfit London together: Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, Power lifting,  Gymnastics, Tumbling, Met-Con, even rowing  are all linked by mobility.

Our class combines the old, with cutting edge methodologies. An appropriate focus on meditation is exactly what many of our busy, successful  clients need.

Crossfit London Yoga classes are reality checked. At least half of our  class  members are  athletes who back flip,  lift heavy weight and do amazing workouts,  They need to learn genuine skills. They need to boost their performance. Mobility for them isn’t an option, its a fundamental need. They go to this class, because it delivers that. Even if you work in an office, these sessions will help you

Previous post on CFL blog on 21st July 2015
Yoga is coming to Crossfit London!  

Specifically, it’s at 10 Malcolm Place, Bethnal Green on Sundays 2pm for a dynamic  Crossfit orientated 60min class .

Ideal for crossfitters, strength athletes and our amazing gymnasts.

This will be a fun class designed to get you sweating and moving… I have designed a sequence that will help get you into a ‘flow state’ (‘in the zone’) that I love so much about (certain types of) yoga – I would love to share this ‘post yoga euphoria’ with you!

As Crossfitters and athletes, we do love a good work out (the WODs!) and the strength aspects… I have designed a bespoke sequence with this in mind.  After our warm up, we’ll dive into dynamic flow sequences that will work though a range of movements in our hips and shoulders.  From personal experience and feedback from students, this will improve our functional range of movement with regular practice – so a start is a good place to be!  [:)]   I will also be incorporating bodyweight strength work that will fit seamlessly into the yoga sequences – working both the anterior (abs) and posterior (back) chain that balances the full complement of ‘core’!  Not to worry, all this will be fun, and scalable for all – from complete yoga newbies to the experienced.

Since it’s important to strike a balance between the energetic and the relaxed state (all the more important for muscle recovery strong people!), the class with end with a guided body-scan relaxation.

Come and join us for our inaugural class on Sunday 2nd August.  At the time of writing there are only two spots left, so don’t miss out!  These bespoke yoga classes will run as a 5 week trial, i.e. for the whole month of August – come try it out and get your vote in to decide if this turns into a regular class on the schedule!  I look forward to see you there.